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Brett Johnson


One of Brett’s first technology experiences involved shoving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich into a VCR at a very young age. While not a grand achievement, it did impart practical experience. Lucky to have a neighbor who worked at Digital Equipment Corporation, help was never far away as Brett shredded through DOS prompts, help files and broken Windows 3.x video card driver stacks while pushing his first computers to the limits. His Christmas list at 12 included a list of computer components his parents didn’t understand but took a leap of faith and purchased anyway.

As time passed, Brett’s ability to computer grew exponentially. From middle school help desk support to moonlighting supporting businesses remotely from his college dorm, Brett put these skills to good use. He worked co-op at Computer Associates and BladeLogic (later acquired by BMC) where he gained extensive experience managing large corporate networks.

Post graduating Summa Cum Laude from Northeastern University, Brett returned back to Vermont where he worked at a local ERP business maintaining numerous client networks while providing ERP implementation services. It was during this time he saw Vermont had a desperate need for a solid IT company as many companies were without adequate infrastructure.

As such, Brett started simpleroute in 2009 on a mission to fill a growing need. It’s his sincere desire to provide a positive work experience while also providing the best IT services possible.


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