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On-site Assistance

We provide both to your business via

In person expertise to move your issues forward

Many businesses opt to hire nationwide or non-local services to support their business. Not all problems can be diagnosed or solved remotely. A hardware failure may render your network in-operational, or you may experience issues with WiFi strength or range. Remote services will be of little help if you have a new device (or several) that needs to be configured. For these issues, you need on-site assistance to push through your issue. We’re local and here to help!

Calling a freelance technician to provide on-site assistance can be challenging as well. How do you know that you’re hiring someone qualified to handle the issue? How long will it take a tech to get to your location, or to familiarize themselves with your network? The hourly rate for your technician is already expensive, and if they don’t work quickly, you’ll also incur the cost of downtime. If they don’t properly document their work, the next tech may spend more time trying to solve the same or separate issue.

That’s why simpleroute® offers on-site support services. This way we can get you up and running quickly. We provide friendly and courteous technicians to ensure quality service. Our technicians are dispatched with a whole team behind them to ensure your issue will be diagnosed and fixed quickly. This approach saves you additional costs and downtime. We document our work, so that you’ll know exactly what you paid for, and the next tech will have little trouble fixing a problem should you encounter another.

We also have you covered if you need services outside our local reach. Through our ASCII membership, we have access to a network of skilled technology professionals across the United States so we can work to overcome your next technology challenge together. 

Having help readily available can save you a lot. Having professional, experienced help can save you even more. Don’t call ‘nerds’ or ‘geeks’, pick up the phone and request a professional today!

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