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Every industry today is becoming more dependant on technology, and construction companies are no exception. With electronic work orders, digital client resource management and project leads requiring constant communication with multiple teams, construction business need a complex and reliable network infrastructure behind their operations. With the rigorous demands for inexpensive and durable equipment that keeps your team connected even in the most extreme conditions, a virtual desktop solution backed by industry-leading wireless technology could be the answer to your organization’s needs.

Modern workforces often find their teams in remote locations with needs that are better suited to an office, and construction industries are a prime example of this. Needing access to a critical blueprint or design guideline in sparse locations can leave your project managers driving around aimlessly looking for a signal. Combining next generation mobile broadband with your pre-existing hardware makes it possible to access an office environment from anywhere.

With a virtual desktop solution, your team can securely access all of the resources they need at a job site, including a remote phone that provides instant connection with your office. A thin client boasts durability at an attractive price point, and replacing or upgrading the hardware to fit your team’s needs is as inexpensive as a cordless drill battery.

Your staff need connectivity at the job site to ensure that they’re on the same page as your office. Being linked to the rest of the team, communication with family members and creature comforts such as streaming music to the job can boost morale, increase effectiveness and help you meet your deadlines. A device such as a Peplink or a Cradlepoint solution providing an SD-WAN extensible branch office tunnel will provide you with the security your customers deserve at the price your business needs.

Adding these solutions together will provide your workforce with the ability to go to the remote corners of the world and work from the cab of a truck just like they are sitting at their desk. It’s that simple®!

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