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Are you guilty of neglecting your technology?

Law firms, like other industries, face two constant profitability problems: they must keep their clients happy while keeping costs low. Technology plays a key part in handling both with management systems, online research tools, unified communications, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and more. Large firms have the infrastructure to justify keeping a costly internal IT department. However, smaller firms maintain only a fraction of that infrastructure, yet nonetheless require a similar level of support to ensure that they stay available and secure.

Your legal team needs to be able to access files, deposition and court documents at any time, from anywhere. To accomplish this, your network infrastructure must be efficient, dependable and designed for mobility and scale as your client base grows. However, finding a cost-effective solution to managing your back-office operations can be challenging when cybersecurity, compliance and client privacy are at the forefront of your concerns.

Fortunately, simpleroute® has the solutions your firm needs. Our IT experts are experienced in handling the many types of software your firm uses to best serve your clients. Not only do we help you manage these applications; we provide preventative, proactive solutions to keep your team and clients connected. Not only does this save you money by improving the efficiency of your staff, infrastructure and applications – it also saves your time. With our solution, you can do what you do best – managing your practice. We’ll handle the rest.

Defend your technology investment – we can help! Contact us today to learn more!

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