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Nonprofits are the poster child for the ‘do more with less’ mantra. With a fundamental goal of reinvesting your donations and grants back into your mission, it is imperative that every part of your operation is as cost-effective as possible. Nonprofit organizations strive to stretch their dollars in support of their members or charities they serve. Because nonprofit dollars are often stretched thin, spending money on technology isn’t usually high on their priority list.

However, attracting donations, sponsors, securing grant money and finding volunteers is essential to your organization’s mission. If that information is sensitive, it must be kept secure, and the technologies that manage your data security must be maintained. What’s more, many nonprofits require mobile service in their day-to-day operations. With the cost of an internal IT department being so high, you might find yourself seeking a more cost-effective solution.

Managed services are a great option for nonprofits and other organizations with limited IT budgets. By offering a proactive approach to managing your infrastructure with fixed pricing and comprehensive service offerings, we can give your organization that tools it needs to carry out your mission and serve your community. Additionally, the services we provide through our partnerships grant you cost savings on goods and services.

simpleroute® values the work you do for your community, and in return offers our services to you at an attractive price point. IT’s that simple®!

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