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Backup System Management

What’s your data worth?

Your business can’t function without its data. How much revenue might your business lose should data become unavailable or worse, lost? 

Data and networks are vital to the success and future of a business. Studies show that upwards of fifty percent of businesses will close their doors within five years of a significant loss of information. Luckily, this scenario is avoidable by planning well before data loss occurs. Our management of your backup systems will ensure that:

  • Monitored backup status 24/7
  • Protect against data loss due to known vulnerabilities through software patching
  • Quickly and easily restore data should data loss occur
  • Minimize downtime
  • You get the most out of your technology investment

Through network monitoring, we can help your business avert disasters and avoid costly downtime. This lowers your overall IT costs, increases network efficiency and allows your business and employees to operate efficiently.

Our simpleIT® plans come with a variety of coverages, which range from monitoring to on-site support with additional services covered on-demand. This allows us to offer fixed pricing, so that you can plan for your upcoming expenses. Our fixed price arrangement align our interests with that of our clients – we succeed when long term solutions reduce your downtime.

Your business’s success depends on the security and reliability of your data. By protecting that data, your business becomes more sustainable and in turn more profitable, your employees are more secure and your customers are happy. IT’s that simple®.

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