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Augment IT Staff

Recipe for Success: Your technician backed by our talent

Your in-house staff are vital to your business. They’re familiar with your company, your business model, and your business needs. However, IT staff are expensive, and IT departments are often understaffed as a direct result.

If your current in-house staff is a single person, how do you evaluate your current IT resource? Who does your current IT staff go to when higher level issues arise outside their field of expertise? Or what happens if your IT resource scratches a winning lottery ticket?

Our co-managed service offering is the pathway to which we can help augment your current IT staff. Our services are an excellent way to augment your current IT staff. With co-managed services from simpleroute®, you’ll see numerous benefits:

  • On-demand staffing for projects – Our team can help with quicker turnaround on complex projects and provide the horsepower you need to get the job done.
  • Backup for time off – Everyone needs a break and sometimes absences are not intended. We can serve as the backup to your in-house technician allowing them the PTO they’re entitled to while ensuring you’re adequately covered.
  • Continuity between IT resources – If your current technician left, how do you know you have adequate documentation and that you’re setup for success when your next hire comes? That’s where we come in – we can set a standardized approach to documentation so that our teams are on the same page to ensure continuity between IT staff members.
  • Evaluation of current IT resources – While your staff may rave about your in-house technician, how do you know they’re sufficiently adept technically? We can help you evaluate your current in-house technician and highlight strengths and weaknesses to allow your technician to grow.
  • Skillset advancement – We strongly believe in training our co-managed partners where possible to further their skillset. So while you may need our services, we’re here to share the wealth of knowledge we’ve collected to help further your in-house technicians skills.

Our team is here to supplement your existing staff through our co-managed service offering. Our co-managed services are tailored to your business to help your unique team work more efficiently.

Whatever your IT needs are, we can help. IT’s that simple®

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