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Project Management

Providing insight for your IT projects

As you’re probably aware, managing vendors while planning, managing and deploying projects can be a nightmare. While you waste hours on the phone wondering if the support technician can actually help you realize your goals, you watch deadlines loom ever closer. Once someone is on the line, you will inevitably need to repeat your issue ad nauseum until you find a technician who doesn’t just understand your problem but can actually help you fix it. Beyond that, vendors can sometimes be frugal with the support they’re willing to provide. After spending your usual lunch hour on hold, the last thing you want to do is brandish your contract like a weapon just so you can get the support you paid for.

If your employees are tasked with managing vendors or contacting them when there’s a problem, tracking issue resolution can cause a lot of confusion. If contact information is difficult to find, or if they’re not sure what’s causing the issue, requesting support can be a very time-consuming endeavor. With your staff’s hours spent calling support, you’re forced to shoulder the cost the outage is causing your business and the overhead expense of dealing with support. If your personnel are already stretched thin in planning and managing a project, coordinating between vendors can contribute an unnecessary strain on your workforce and cause chronic deadline extensions.

How would you like to streamline your next implementation project? simpleroute® can reduce your points of contact to one, helping your organization efficiently report and solve issues. Our ticketing system allows your staff to free up their time by relaying the task to our team with a short email or call. No longer will your employees have to waste their time waiting on hold or ineffectively trying to handle an issue while their normal work sits by the wayside. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff know who to contact, how to describe the issue appropriately, and work behind the scenes to fix the problem quickly to get your business back up and running!

The services we provide allow for converged issue tracking and prioritization based on business impact. Our quarterly vendor reviews ensure that you have the best services and product updates available to best suit your business and budget. With resources through our partnerships with popular vendors we can manage the many facets of any implementation or upgrade project, so that you can meet your deadline and continue to provide the best products and services to your clients.. It’s that simple®

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