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HIPAA Compliance

Don’t risk your practice second guessing compliance requirements

Any organization that handles protected health information is required by law to fulfill all requirements for HIPAA compliance. Commonly, this requirement is misunderstood by organizations who believe that a security risk assessment ensures compliance. Many have not even had a third-party audit fearing what may be uncovered and instead hoping that ignorance of potential deficiencies will protect them. We understand the delicate balance between compliance, security and cost and can help you toe the line.

HIPAA mandates that all patient information is secure and this extends beyond meaningful use. Despite this, many electronic health records aren’t as secure as they should be, making them both an easy and lucrative target. As a result, medical records remain one of the most expensive documents sold on the black market.

simpleroute® is dedicated to the security of your network and safety of your patients. In our efforts to protect confidential information, we offer service designed to help you move towards HIPAA-compliant service. In addition to saving your health practice costly fees, we can help you save lives from the threat of a security breach.

Are you ready for a compliance check up? Contact us to successfully navigate your compliance concerns!

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