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Vendor Management

A single point of contact for all your vendor communications

Keeping up with rapid advancements in technology requires businesses in all industries to implement many software and hardware products into their operations. How many pieces of software do you use in your everyday business activities and how frequently do you find yourself spending hours on the phone waiting on a vendor for support? How many work hours has your organization put into finding a solution to the technological challenges you face, only to find that managing it post-implementation requires constant issue tracking and vendor interaction? Without vendor management, chances are you’re not maximizing your vendors’ technologies.

If too often and more time than you care to count are your responses to any of the questions above, you need a more streamlined solution. For many organizations, dealing with vendors is a nightmare. Your staff isn’t always sure who to call when there’s a problem and keeping account information, points of contact, and version information is often a challenge in itself. What’s worse, you and your staff have likely spent hundreds of hours waiting on hold, forcing your organization to shoulder the cost of another company’s lengthy call queue.

Fortunately, simpleroute® offers vendor management as a solution. Our partnerships with popular vendors have enabled us to know who to contact in effort to answer questions, report issues and resolve IT challenges as quickly as possible. In addition, our experience in the field helps us to navigate those conversations, finding the best-suited solutions more efficiently while holding vendors to their contractual obligations.

Leave your vendor communications to us – we’ll get the solutions you need so that you can spend your time doing what you do best – growing your business. It’s that simple®

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