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Vendor Technician Liaison

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Managing your vendors is challenging. Your business uses many pieces of software in its day-to-day operations, and hardware products if you have internal infrastructure. Calls to support can sometimes take hours, and the product causing the issue isn’t always easily identified. Vendors can be frugal with the support they offer, and with so much precious time wasted listening to choppy hold music, the last thing you want to do is fish out and recite your contract to low-level help desk personnel who refuse to escalate your call. Even if your workforce has the time to invest, their knowledge of the underlying technology may not be sufficient to correctly describe or the problem or determine its cause.

This is where simpleroute® comes in. Our service to clients requires us to work with several common vendors on a regular basis. Our staff has access to contact information that will get us to a support representative qualified to help as quickly as possible. Additionally, we know what products will suit your business, what types of support a vendor is contractually obligated to provide, and how to explain issues concisely, so that it gets solved sooner rather than later.

Our seasoned team is equipped with the technical know-how to start solving issue before we even dial the call to support, and if the solution offered doesn’t solve the problem, we can catch it before the call ends.

Our partnerships with vendors enable us to deliver good deals on services best-suited to your business, and maximize your product investment with more comprehensive support.

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