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Workstation Management

Regain employee productivity and ensure your systems are secure

Your staff’s performance is directly linked to the reliability of their workstations. When your employees are waiting on systems or IT issues, you’re losing money and their productivity falls. Are all your workstations healthy and secure? Do your employees have the resources they need to do their best work? Is employee workstation access restricted to only what is necessary and job appropriate?

At simpleroute®, we recognize the importance of maintaining, monitoring and protecting each of your workstations. When your employees are more productive and more secure, your company benefits. Our workstation management services offer numerous benefits:

  • Faster start-up times
  • Regular system updates for both core Microsoft software and key third party software
  • Layered approach to workstation security to reduce the attack surface area on your systems
  • Enforceable restricted access to classified information
  • Filter Internet access to boost employee productivity and reduce the risk of inappropriate content
  • Ensure valuable data is backed up across workstations

Our services are also designed to further end-user productivity. Are you employees properly trained on how to handle a security threat if they encounter one? If you hire a new employee, who ensures that their workstation is optimized to fit their job description? We can help both end-users through education as well as key decision makers  on planning and purchasing.

Don’t wait to put an end to lost productivity. Improve the efficiency and security of your networks from your workstations up today!

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