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Staff Continuity

Are you covered when your technician steps out?

A business continuity plan safeguards systems and mission-critical infrastructure in the event of a disruption. But businesses sometimes miss a key chapter in building their BCP: their technical staff. Your workforce is your company’s most critical resource, and they need to be an integral part of of your business continuity management to ensure your business recovers as quickly as possible from a disruptive event. 

Ask yourself the following questions and see if you’re prepared:

  • What happens when one of your essential in-house employees departs unexpectedly?
  • Are you covered if your in-house technician falls ill?
  • What if your employee is unable to work?
  • If your in-house technician were to leave suddenly, is your documentation in order for the next technician?

The knowledge your employees hold is essential, much like your data. It should be accessible even when your employees are not. If someone within your IT department is unable to work, we have a solution. Through employing a co-managed strategy, we can document the knowledge your employees hold. This will allow us to step in if your staff is unavailable, and open resources to new employees should you have to hire someone new. 

Your employees’ knowledge is directly linked to your business’s success. In our goal to help you succeed, we want to protect that knowledge from being lost. IT’s that simple®! 

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