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Call Flow Analysis

Make informed, data-driven business decisions

Wouldn’t it be nice to track your inbound and outbound call volume per user, time of day, caller location, and more? What if that data could tell you what your call handling or staffing needs are, or what they’re projected to be next year? How about ad tracking, so you can identify which of your ads are most effective? Or staff metrics, allowing you to analyze employee performance?

Tracking call activity can provide a wealth of knowledge to your company. With powerful analytics tools, you can track your call volume during specific times or from certain locations, as well as your staff’s performance. With tools from our partners Allworx and Mitel, you can identify gaps in call coverage and retain the right-sized workforce to handle your communications. Additionally, call flow analysis will aid you in identifying the performance of your current advertising campaign through Key Performance Indicators such as location, positive response and Right Party Contact. Combining all of this data into an easy to read and customizable dashboard will ensure that your advertising dollars are allocated most effectively.

With Allworx View and MiContact Center, you can create customized reports to make data-driven business decisions, allowing you to plan your budget or staffing needs well before you incur expenses or make a job posting.

Not convinced? Here are some additional benefits call flow analysis tools can provide to your business:

  • Call recording capabilities: Ensure regulatory compliance and improve the performance of your agents.
  • Customizable speech-enabled call routing: Let your customers navigate their call with voice commands.
  • ACD Routing: Ensure your calls get routed to the appropriate agents based on skill, priority and previous interactions.
  • Reduce call handling times: Increase the likelihood of first-contact resolutions by routing calls to the right destination.
  • Graphical performance charts: View and analyze your data with ease, on a dashboard you can customize.
  • Custom reporting tools: The information you need delivered as you’d like.
  • Scale seamlessly: Know what call-handling resources you’ll need today or next year.
  • Multi-channel workflow: Route fax, email, SMS and more.
  • Track advertising campaigns: Connect your ads to specific DIDs to measure their performance.
  • Ensure availability: Know when your customers need your attention so your workforce can be available.
  • Save time/reduce spending: Retain the perfect workforce, and improve your organization’s efficiency by knowing exactly what resources you’ll need, and exactly where to allocate them.
  • Track performance: Your inbound and outbound calls deliver the tools you need to track performance and identify trends, allowing you to make data-driven business decisions.

Data is the lifeblood of your business. With Allworx View and Micontact Center, you can ensure that you have all the information you need to make informed business decisions backed by powerful analytics and comprehensive communication data. Save yourself the time spent planning, interviewing and crunching numbers for what you do best – growing your business!

Help your business thrive through the data you already have. simpleroute® can help you find the right products to suit your business needs. Through our partnerships with digital voice providers like Allworx and Mitel, we will ensure that you get the best prices and services tailored to your business. IT’s that simple®

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