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Vendor Management

Manage your vendors to maximize your investment

Managing the many vendors that service your business can be a nightmare. Calls to support can take hours, and it’s not always clear what’s causing an issue. Vendors are often frugal with the support they offer. Let’s face it – you don’t have the time to find, read through and recite your contract to them. If you’re not sufficiently adept at understanding the technology side of your IT software relations you may not be getting the best price or best services suited to your business.

That’s where we come in. Maximize your technology investment with our vendor management services and reap the benefits: 

  • Our service to clients requires that we work with many different vendors on a regular basis.
  • We understand what products suit your business.
  • Our staff knows who to contact.
  • We recognize the level of vendor support you’re entitled to under your agreement with them.
  • Our team is technically proficient and can explain an issue concisely so that it can be resolved without delay.
  • We’ve partnered with several vendors to help our clients get better prices, deals on services, and more comprehensive support.

Our vendor management services are designed to help keep you on top of issues proactively. A better handle on your vendor relationships will ensure that you get timely support and are properly prepared in the event of a disaster.

Why not deal with one vendor instead of several? By choosing simpleIT®, you can minimize the time you spend solving issues, maximize your product investments, and save your ears for music you actually want to listen to. 

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