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simpleroute History

Our Company

simpleroute® was founded in 2009 by Brett Johnson. With over nine years of networking, web and programming experience at the time, it was certainly a logical progression. However, it wasn’t his motivation in forming the company.

In his previous position, Brett spent a lot of time performing accounting software upgrades for local area clients who subscribed to IT services with other local IT companies. He was appalled by clients’ lack of IT support. There was often a clear disconnect between what IT professionals said and did and what management understood. Clients were unprepared for disasters and accepted serious issues like daily backup failures or non recoverable data on backups without a second thought. IT professionals were more worried about eroding profits from efficient solutions than saving clients’ money. The local businesses he came in contact with were amazing places with incredible unique visions, making the perceived disconnect all the harder to watch.

It is for this reason simpleroute® was created. Our solutions strive for efficiency – as a rule, we never want our customers to repeat the same action twice. We push to evaluate client processes, solutions and budgets and present clients with options they can clearly understand. We understand the importance of technology to your business and the impact downtime has. Our services and solutions are based around you, our customer, to help provide the best overall experience possible.

Efficient IT solutions at all costs – IT’s that simple®.

Our Ideology

simpleroute was founded to help our clients maximize investments in technology. Each person employed by simpleroute is dedicated to fulfilling our mission and providing the best customer service possible.

There are situations that can arise where direction is not absolute. For that reason, we define our ideology below as a means of employee guidance and a glimpse at what it means to work at simpleroute and the high standards we hold ourselves to:

  • IT’s That Simple

    We strive to simplify our approach and the solutions we provide as much as possible. This allows us to keep budgets in check and minimize future pain points post implementation. It also aids in allowing us to explain in non-technical terms the solutions we present clients so that they may fully understand the solutions available and how we implement them.

  • Sharing of Knowledge

    The best technicians are those who share. It’s our aim to teach both our clients and coworkers so that they may elevate their understanding of IT in their pursuit of an answer. Those who wish to be the gatekeepers of information or seek job security through withholding knowledge should seek employment elsewhere.

  • Honesty

    As trusted IT advisors, we must adhere to a strict policy of honesty in all our interactions. Without honesty there is not trust and without trust we cannot serve our clients. Our solutions should align and further our client objectives, goals and missions and our honesty regarding these solutions allow your clients to objectively weigh the solutions we present.

  • Excellent Support

    The support we provide is a reflection of our company and ourselves. Excellent support is about more than solving a problem; it’s about providing a solution clients are comfortable with in as courteous and personable a manner as possible.

  • Aligned Growth

    Our personal growth is integrally linked to that of our clients. As our industry constantly changes, so must our solutions and our skillsets. We must seek personal growth both in and out of the office to ensure we can provide the best support possible and help our clients achieve their full potential. Our ultimate goal is the growth of the companies we serve and we recognize this is only achieved through being the best we are capable of being.

Service Area

We are based out of South Burlington, Vermont and cover much of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and the upstate New York area.

While over 80% of our services can be provided remotely, we still focus on personalized service. Don’t let geographic region deter you from reaching out – chances are we can still provide top notch services for your business IT needs.

Local Vermont service areas include the following towns and their neighboring areas:

  • Burlington, Vermont
  • St. Albans, Vermont
  • Barre, Vermont
  • Newport, Vermont
  • Montpelier, Vermont
  • Rutland, Vermont
  • White River Junction, Vermont
  • Enosburg, Vermont

We have clients with locations or employees as far away as Arizona, Florida, California and even Africa. Through our ASCII Membership, we can provide on-site services nearly anywhere in the United States and even select locations beyond. 

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