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Just what the doctor ordered

Healthcare today is a frontrunner in a fully modernized industry thanks to meaningful use. Juggling the complex needs of HIPAA and implementing the meaningful use guidelines can be a strain on any IT team. Fulfilling the high demands of your staff and patients while maintaining compliance requires a flexible network and an agile, highly skilled team behind it.

High definition images, patient charts and modern EHR solutions require a high-speed and resilient wireless connection to give your staff instant patient details in an environment where even a second of downtime can mean the difference between life or death. Further adding to the complexity is the requirement of iron clad security to protect your patient information. Deploying and maintaining a wireless solution that provides constant uptime means redundancy, planning, and design. At simpleroute®, we have years of experience with meshed wireless deployments. Our managed services platform contains tools to monitor applications and endpoints from every device within your network, allowing us to proactively deploy new access points to cover dead zones and identify problem areas long before you see any connectivity issues.

We value your patient’s safety, and know how important it is that your organization remains compliant. By running intensive quarterly audits, our goal is to ensure that you have the network reliability you need while putting your patient’s safety first. IT’s that simple®!

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