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Email Security

Protecting your business from phishing and e-mail based attacks

It’s no secret – the number of people who fall for phishing emails is staggering. As we become more web-savvy, phishers are prompted to devise more clever attacks, utilizing accounts of contacts we’re familiar with and even web pages that look exactly like pages we’ve logged into countless times before.

These attacks don’t always stop at stealing a user’s login credentials. Some phishing emails contain ransomware, viruses, spyware or other malware. In being so difficult to spot, an employee could easily give a hacker access to your information without realizing or reporting their mistake.

While educating users can help mitigate the risk of an unauthorized entity gaining access to your information, the most effective solution is a composite one. Messages should be encrypted to safeguard them from eavesdroppers, content sent to your organization should be filtered, and access should be granted according to your company’s regulations as well.

Protecting your digital communications is vital to the security of your organization. simpleroute® leverages years of security experience and best-in-class email security solutions to provide you with peace of mind.

Let us help you implement best practices to help keep you out of the news headlines. The solution is simple – contact us today!

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