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Conferencing Abilities

Keep your people connected – anytime, anywhere, on any device

Effective real-time communication is essential in today’s fast-paced global marketplace. Efficiency, productivity and cost-savings have enabled businesses of all sizes to enter and compete in the international market. As organizations have come to expand all across the world, the need for seamless, unified communication platforms has driven digital voice providers toward innovation, delivering mobile solutions tailored to a wide array of companies.

Video conferencing has become more common and accessible as VoIP technology has emerged. Business communications can now harness the power of their network instructure to connect, collaborate and work from anywhere in the world. Higher bandwidth provided by advancements in internet technology has freed business communications from the limitations of analog telephones allowing them not only to talk, but to meet face-to-face and work together across vast distances in real-time.

There are many of these tools available online, but not all of are secure enough for your data or well-suited to your operations. Through business communication platforms from our partners Allworx and Mitel, a unified and customizable communication solution is now available to your organization. These tools enable your workforce to operate from any place with a data connection and allow your staff to be more productive while they’re working. With access to rich collaboration and conferencing tools on a unified platform, your office is accessible from all your users’ devices.

Conferencing tools can help streamline your business processes by:

  • Providing an in-office experience from anywhere: Your employees can access all the data they need, wherever they are.
  • Connecting multiple contacts: With audio, video and web conferencing tools, you can now connect with several contacts, even if they’re scattered across the globe.
  • Enhancing productivity and collaboration: All your tools are available on one unified platform, accessible from any device. Your workforce can see updates, meet, and access your business data – all in real time.
  • Integrating with your back-office operations: Our solution supports a wide range of deployment options, so that we can tailor it to your existing IT infrastructure, saving you the cost of additional hardware and software.
  • Integrating with leading business frameworks and cloud services: Ensure that your organization can communicate using the tool of their choice. Digital voice services provided by our partners offer integration with business applications from Microsoft, Outlook, IBM, Lotus Notes, Google and more.

With point-to point video conferencing capabilities available at the tap of a button, a web portal for easy access to collaboration tools, messaging, conferencing services from our partners can give your business all it needs to communicate. Expand your business, connect your resources, and leverage your team to meet your business goals from a single access point, increasing their productivity and efficiency, all while cutting costs. No longer will your workforce have to huddle together at the conference table to collaborate – your staff can now access all the tools they need from wherever they are, whenever they’re available to work. IT’s that simple®

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