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Network Auditing

Uncover the unknown unknowns with a network audit

Networks are dynamic – they grow, shrink, change and divide themselves continuously. A network map changes shape with the addition, removal or upgrade of a device, or installation or removal of software. Naturally, you want to know what’s connected to your network, and what software each device is running. But with an ever-changing network, manually documenting these changes can prove both challenging and time-consuming. If you’ve fallen short in the documentation department or want a second opinion to spot check your current practices then you need a network audit from simpleroute.

Our network audits can be done discretely and safetly without interrupting staff. In particular, our network audits can provide numerous benefits including:

  • Security assessment of network infrastructure
  • Best practices recommendations
  • System security assessment
  • Network asset and wiring diagrams
  • Uncover performance and network bottlenecks
  • Verify the accuracy of network documentation
  • Verify or identify compliance deficiencies

Simply put, network auditing is a useful tool in maintaining your security and efficiency. By auditing your network regularly, we can help to ensure that your network is operating in accordance with internal policies, and proactively manage necessary updates, replacements, access and more. Whether you need a one-off audit or a more regular approach through simpleIT®, we’re happy to help.

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