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User Education

Employees: Your greatest asset, your greatest weakness

Whether you subscribe to our services or whether you have a one-off need, we can help train employees to keep your network secure from soft attacks. Phishing is becoming ever prevelent and credentials are being leaked by the millions onto the dark web with near daily occurrence.

Educating your employees is essential in protecting your organization. Staying up to date on IT topics can help keep cybercrime at bay, reduce errors that may cause downtime and improving the efficiency of your workforce. But there are few places to turn to gather the information or help you need.

simpleroute® understands the importance of user education. A single employee can be your strongest line of defense – or your weakest link. In promoting education to the organizations we serve, our hope is to reduce the likelihood that you, your organization, or your staff will have to suffer the ill effects of a simple human error.

Our experts can provide education to your users individually or as a group. We offer video training courses, dark web scans and vulnerability assessments. Whether your needs are a a single vulnerability scan to check your current provider, or your whole teams needs a refresher on how to handle a phishing email, we can help to ensure your staff are equipped to protect you business and work more efficiently.

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