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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a Complete Solution to Fit Your Business Needs

As any business owner knows, staying competitive means doing more with less. Growing your business in the modern market means increasing your productivity and efficiency while you maintain your data security, professional image, and keep competitive with emerging trends and technologies. With many choices available to business owners today, it can be difficult to find the right tools suited to your organization’s needs.

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) delivers a business-centric and feature-rich online application suite, designed with business requirements for privacy, security, manageability and reliability in mind. Microsoft 365 is a solid business platform that is richly interwoven with Azure to allow next generation flexible solutions. This allows for increased productivity, collaboration and knowledge-sharing without large up-front software purchases.

In addition to these key benefits, Microsoft 365 as an SaaS application that offers immediate software updates. Without the need to upgrade to new versions, your business operations remain technologically advanced without the additional spending. Your subscription gives you continuous access to all the latest refinements and innovations that come with the newest releases, ensuring that you have the best tools to get the job done.

Key features:

  • eDiscovery: With advanced eDiscovery, you can protect your business from employees accidentally exposing personal and confidential information. eDiscovery tools also provide an easy way to capture all relevant information so that your organization can respond appropriately to a legal hold.
  • Auditing: Microsoft 365 audit logs capture activities in Exchange, SharePoint, Yammer, Azure Active Directory and more, enabling you to record actions and set alerts for specific activities. This helps you identify suspicious activity and stay updated.
  • Flexible deployment options: Microsoft 365 can be deployed in three ways, depending on your security needs or migration timeline. We can help you deploy Microsoft 365 on-premises, to the cloud, or both.
  • OneDrive/SharePoint: Store, share and sync your documents to OneDrive for easy access and collaboration. Your organization can set group policies and permissions for individual users.
  • Predictable expenses: No longer will you need to pay for new software every time a version is released. Regardless of your deployment method, your Microsoft 365 subscription keeps you updated with the latest innovations and refinements at a fixed cost.
  • Cross-platform support: If your business has embraced the BYOD trend, Microsoft 365 is available on all devices, allowing users to collaborate using PC, Mac, iOS or Android devices.
  • Increased mobility: Your personnel have access to their work – anytime, anywhere.
  • Sharing and collaboration: Changes to documents are available in real-time, without generating multiple versions. This ensures that your users have access to the latest information, simplifying the collaborative process and allowing them to work more efficiently.

In short, Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive and technologically advanced hosted software application that can empower your business to streamline its operations. Microsoft 365 augments your internal communications via integration with Skype for Business. This enables your workforce to connect in multiple ways with conferencing abilities, collaboration tools and more no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

If you’re looking to deploy Microsoft 365 and need some help planning your migration, we’re here to assist! We can help you deploy Microsoft 365 on-premises, from the cloud, or take a hybrid approach. Our seasoned staff has years of experience deploying Microsoft 365 within several different industries; we can configure and manage your security settings and sharing to perfectly fit your organization’s needs.

Are you ready to start planning your deployment or migration? Call us today at 802-881-0092 or use the contact button below to get started!


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