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Mobile Calling

Give your business a competitive advantage

With the widespread adoption of the internet, businesses are now more connected than ever before. Digital communication platforms have enabled businesses to thrive and compete in a global marketplace. In a push for productivity, efficiency and cost-savings, more companies are striving to expand their workforce and facilities across international lines to meet this demand.

Teamwork is essential in any business environment. With vast distances between your locations and staff, it can be challenging for your team to collaborate effectively. There are many digital collaboration tools available that enable your staff to work together outside the office. However, not all are secure enough to handle your business data and far fewer of them are suited to your operations.

Since inception, VoIP has drastically and consistently changed the way companies communicate with the world. VoIP offers huge advantages to organizations that have elected to use this integrative communication platform. Now, digital voice is expanding to mobile devices and beyond, allowing your staff to connect, collaborate and access their work – from anywhere.

Here’s how your mobile workforce can connect using digital voice services:

  • Everything you need in one place: No longer do you have to juggle between different applications – a unified communications platform delivers it all.
  • Mirrored experience across all devices: Move your conversation from one device to another. Your mobile desk delivers a consistent experience across all devices.
  • Seamless connection: Road warriors are always on the go. Switching from your deskphone to your mobile is seamless. 
  • Company directory: Publish a list of well-known contacts for all of your employees, or a select team to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Voicemail management: Access to your phone, even on the other side of the world.

  • Collaboration: Audio, video and web conferencing allow your workforce to share documents and participate outside the office walls, or even across international lines.

  • Greater productivity: Remote workers have access to all their work on a single application, allowing them to participate and collaborate with each other more efficiently.
  • Data security: A unified communications platform reduces attack vectors by limiting the entry points to your critical data. In addition, it protects your employee’s identity by allowing them to use their work number on the go.
  • Cost-savings: Less office space and fewer HR and labor costs give your business significant savings.
  • Hiring flexibility: Find the workforce you need; no longer will you be restricted to your locale in securing top talent to join your organization.
  • Save the environment: Eliminate the need for your workers to commute and reduce your carbon emissions.
  • Work/life Balance: Keep talent onboard by providing the balance they need to achieve optimal productivity.

simpleroute® has worked with many businesses to design and  implement a custom digital voice solutions that fit their needs. What’s more – we’ve partnered with digital voice providers such as Mitel and Allworx. This ensures we can find the perfect communication solutions for your business and budget. We’re dedicated to providing you with customized services to suit your unique business needs, in the office or anywhere around the globe. IT’s that simple®

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