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Managed IT Services

Why Managed IT Services?

Business owners consistently seek more efficient ways to conduct business. IT operations are frequently an area of concern for business owners. Businesses that don’t have sufficiently skilled IT staff suffer increased downtime, higher susceptibility to security breaches and a higher risk of software issues or malfunctions impacting business operations. This is why millions of businesses around the world choose managed services to handle their IT needs.

Managed IT services is an alternative to the older on-demand model for IT help. On-demand services (also known as break/fix) are more costly as they incentivize the service provider to avoid the proactive measures that may lower your IT costs. Managed services instead offer outsourced proactive management of IT needs via a skilled team of professionals with a proven process.

A managed approach to IT can greatly simplify the headache for businesses. For the majority of small and medium businesses, keeping an internal IT department doesn’t make sense. The costs associated with keeping in-house staff are high. The cost of an employee is not just their salary – it’s their training, health and other insurance, retirement, and overhead costs. The risk of downtime for internal staff is also higher. In businesses with a single IT staff member, the departure of an employee can seriously impact the business. Moreover, a single person carries potentially expensive risk as they may need to take leave that can result in gaps in IT coverage.

All of these issues translate into a business need for reliable IT support. Our managed service programs are designed to tackle these challenges and streamline your business.

A Proactive Approach

As a managed service provider, we monitor your servers, data and network. We improve security with regular updates and remediate alerts to ensure your systems are reliable, scalable and efficient. In addition, we can help make your next IT challenge a breeze. In knowing your business and systems, we can help you scale and tackle other IT projects on your list. Our team works together to ensure your IT needs are properly covered so that you can focus on doing what makes you profitable – running your business.

With a team of seasoned professionals at your disposal, you’ll gain a proactive approach to managing your technology, without the headache of managing direct hires. We work to grant you peace of mind, increased security, and network reliability and stability. Our flat-rate simpleIT® service is designed for your business, offering a customizable solution that allows you to plan your expenses well in advance, while saving money long-term.

By removing the need for break/fix service, our solutions are designed to increase uptime and keep systems running more efficiently. This allows our clients to focus on growth, rather than finding solutions to your technological challenges.

We understand some businesses want a person on-site. Not to worry – we have you covered in two ways. First, we can staff someone part time at your office for on-site work if you only have a part-time need for such an engagement. We provide staff augmentation on a short term and long term basis. We also offer co-managed services for businesses that want to retain on-site staff but put the power of our professional team behind them. In our co-managed services, we work with your employee to provide a higher tier of service that ensures business continuity and alleviates many of the shortcomings that come with a direct hire.

Whether you need a full-service IT solution, or to supplement your existing IT staff, we can help you reduce costs, increase security, minimize downtime and improve the efficiency of your IT systems and staff through our managed services offering.

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