Traditionally, businesses have paid for technology services when something breaks. What if you could prevent downtime before it happened? And what if in the process you ended up with a more reliable network with predictable expenses that didn’t just hit you when something breaks? It’s possible, with managed services from simpleroute®. In fact, we call it simpleIT®, because it should be just that.

With simpleIT®, we act as your dedicated technology adviser and keep a constant eye on your systems to ensure that things are running as they should. We monitor your systems 24/7/365 to ensure uptime and that you are getting the most of your technology investment.

Break out of the traditional break/fix cycle and see what managed services from simpleroute® has to offer.

Less Downtime

With 24/7/365 monitoring of your systems, we can avert disasters before they happen saving your business from costly downtime. Many IT problems seen in a break/fix scenario throw warning signs far in advance of actually becoming mission critical.

simpleIT® provides the eyes and ears to your network – ensuring your systems are properly patched and maintained, antivirus is working and up-to-date and backups are running on schedule.

Lower Overall IT Costs

Many of the traditional problems people hit with break/fix are preventable with a fraction of the time required to avert the problem before it happens. As a result, your overall networking and IT costs go down.

Managed services also has benefits for service providers, allowing us to use our own time more efficiently and thereby lowering our overhead. This is a savings we can pass on to you as part of simpleIT® coverage resulting in lower costs than if you purchased the same services at an hourly rate.

Planned Expenses

Managed service contracts feature fixed pricing which allows you to have a much better idea of your upcoming IT expenses. Coverage can range from monitoring to on-site support with uncovered engagements covered on-demand.

Increased Efficiency

By keeping tabs on your network, we can better tell when systems need to be replaced and how they are performing. This can help you get the most from your employees, ensuring they aren’t waiting on systems to do their job. We help keep your systems running optimally so you can stop wasting time dealing with technology and do what you do best – run your business.

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