Let’s face it – servers aren’t cheap. The physical server itself is an investment – they’re energy hogs, take up space and are far from quiet. If you’ve ever wondered what good that big box is, you’re not alone. We can help you reduce your energy costs and lower your total IT costs by helping you outsource your energy inefficient server.

An outsourced server can provide a single application or all the functions of your office. By outsourcing into the cloud, you enable your employees to work from anywhere with access to everything. Forget about snow days, as long as your users have a computer and the Internet, they’ve got a mobile office.

Lower Costs

Servers can easily draw 200 watts or more at any given time. At even just 200 watts, you’re already spending $228 for electricity for your server in a year (see here). You can cut this expense with an outsourced solution.

Servers also are not cheap and usually have a lifespan of 3-5 years. When you outsource your server functionality, you don’t have to bite the bullet every 3-5 years to replace existing hardware and migrate to new hardware.

And where cloud doesn’t pan out due to cost, offloading Exchange to Office 365® or placing an SQL database into the Microsoft Azure® cloud can be a great middle of the road approach to ensure uptime of critical applications and reduce costs where cloud does make sense.

Increase Productivity

Gain the ability to access your services from anywhere means you can get more done. When you put services in the cloud, you’re no longer limited to your office when accessing them. This means you can work from anywhere and get more done.

Guaranteed Uptime

Many cloud solutions offer SLAs that are difficult to rival with an in-house solution. The right cloud solution can guarantee up-time for your business. These solutions often are designed with survivability in mind to ensure your applications run even when disaster strikes.

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