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Charles Bucchioni

Platform Engineer

Charles took apart his first remote control at 5, never to be used again. After that, he was hooked. His interests scaled from tinkering with things he didn’t understand to building large scale infrastructure using old equipment he found in dumpsters. Charles’ hobby quickly grew to something that he couldn’t afford anymore. His desire to work with and understand the biggest newest things quickly outgrew his budget. With strong family support, he began pursuing careers as a help desk technician hoping to get a toehold into bigger and better things.

After 8 years working in the industry he’s found his dream job. The simple love of the technology he works with drives a passion to administer and design system infrastructure. The ability to design, maintain and work with enterprise class systems is what gets Charles out of bed in the morning, having the knowledge to find the perfect solution for any need of any client is what pushes him to voraciously read anything tech related.

Joining simpleroute’s workforce in 2015 moved Charles into a position at the most rewarding employer he’s ever worked for. The expansive knowledge of our team members has left us in a unique stance with a force that can find a cost effective solution for any problem with the experience to implement it in a timely and professional manner. Charles has expressed that working alongside his co-workers for our clients has been some of the most fun he has ever had while doing difficult work. Charles looks forward to working with simpleroute to help our clients business succeed in every way.


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