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It’s a Good Idea to Backup Microsoft 365

July 08, 2024

It’s a Good Idea to Backup Microsoft 365

If your business uses Microsoft 365, you are running the risk of data loss if your server is not backed up properly. While the systems Microsoft have in place are good at saving your information, they are not enough to protect your business from data loss. Some deem backups unnecessary but be sure to consider the benefits before dismissing it. 

The Cloud is Not Enough

Let’s establish the distinction between the cloud and a backup. Essentially, the cloud is the latest version of your data on another computer. A backup is unlimited and has every version of your data saved in a safe location. It is ok to have data in the cloud, but you must remember to back up the cloud in order to truly save everything. 

Is a Backup Necessary? 

It is a common misconception that Microsoft 365 will back up your data automatically. Therefore, it is important to fully understand the extent to which Microsoft protects your data. Then it will be clear when Microsoft’s job safeguarding your data ends, and your job starts.

  • Microsoft does not protect your data: Microsoft 365 employs a Shared Responsibility Model that lays out guidelines of what they do and do not manage. Data protection is your own responsibility.
  • Microsoft only retains your data: Microsoft has a lot of security features in place to retain your business’ data. This is not a true backup and cannot ensure your data is safe from a breach or cyber-attack.   

Why a Backup is Important 

In addition to understanding that Microsoft 365 does not back up your data, it is important to be cognizant of the potential threats to the safety of your data. There are many variables that can cause data loss. Having a backup in place will protect your business from all possibilities. 

  • Human Error: Backups protect your data from accidental deletion, which is a very common error. 
  • External and Internal Threats: Cyber threats and ransomware attacks as well as inside staff with mal intent can compromise your data if it is not backed up. 
  • Retention Policy Gaps: Microsoft has a complex retention policy that may cause your data to expire. It is important to back up your data to avoid worrying about the policy and know for sure your data is safe. 
  • Complex Data Structure: Some Microsoft applications, like Teams, are very complex. A backup will ensure all of your data is saved and protected. 

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