Servers are expensive and the first thing most vendors will want to do is add one to your business network for their application. Often, these servers are under utilized and require a costly amount of overhead. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could share computing resources and cut a few of these under utilized servers out of the picture to cut down on your IT costs? That’s where virtualization services from simpleroute® come in.

We can help you leverage and consolidate your existing infrastructure using virtualization and other techniques to make sure you get the best return on your technology investment. And we can do it without loss of performance and with a balanced disaster recovery plan.

With virtualization services from simpleroute®, we can help you.

Consolidate Servers

Proper server planning requires sizing a server so that it can handle its highest workloads and accommodate future growth and other factors. However, this means systems often have underutilized resources. Virtualization can allow for sharing these extra resources and result in reduced cost. A lower physical server count also has other benefits including less physical space.

Go Green

Virtualization servers means a smaller energy footprint which reduces electrical costs and is good for the environment. Fewer servers also means lower cooling costs which can yield additional savings. In addition, virtualization can help reduce the number of machines that end up in landfills.

Plan for Disaster

A virtualized server is a great tool to aid in disaster recovery and can make disaster recovery a snap. In addition, software licensing for backup can be lower for virtual servers than for physical servers which can yield additional cost savings.

Ask us to look at your network to see how you can save by virtualizing your technology environment.

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