We provide on-demand IT services for projects big and small to help keep your business up and running efficiently. When you hire us, you’re getting more than a repair person. We take a genuine interest in your problems and provide solutions that are custom tailored to your environment to give you the best outcome possible. We provide solutions that are within your budget and delivered quick and efficiently.

Customers can also leverage our experience through our external CTO (Chief Technology Officer) program. We can provide on-demand planning and execution of IT projects big and small. We can also work with your existing in-house IT staff to make sure they stay on task, on target and on budget.

Whether an emergency or a planned project, we help our customers get the most from their IT infrastructure.

On-demand IT Solutions

You can’t always plan for the unexpected and when it happens you need someone to call. Whether your server went down or a critical piece of equipment just isn’t functioning, we’re here to help. We offer a fast turn around for emergency issues and provide a full range of technology services to keep your business up and running so you can stay on task and avoid costly downtime.

Assistance to In-house IT Staff

Small and medium businesses face large challenges retaining and challenging IT talent. Experienced IT professionals are looking for career advancement and opportunities to grow which can result in high turnover and make streamlining in-house IT decisions difficult. This is where simpleroute® comes in. We can provide seasoned advice and oversight to ensure your in-house staff functions properly and is making the proper decisions.

We can help your in-house IT staff tackle large and small scale projects freeing their time to catch up on other work or complete networking projects more quickly. Through simpleIT®, we can provide 24/7 monitoring and grant your company’s network technicians access to our monitoring system empowering them to work smarter.

Cost Effective Solutions

With low service rates, unique solutions and an unbeatable desire to boost your technology utilization, we are available when you need us. Through our web services, we strive to keep networking costs low with alternative cloud-based technologies which can provide many of the functions traditionally housed in-house with money saving advantages of the cloud.

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