You’ve decided you really want to retain someone internally for IT services but you also find they hit a wall and need external assistance. Not to worry, we offer services specifically tailored to such setups.

Assistance to In-house IT Staff

Small and medium businesses face large challenges retaining and challenging IT talent. Experienced IT professionals are looking for career advancement and opportunities to grow which can result in high turnover and make streamlining in-house IT decisions difficult. This is where simpleroute® comes in. As industry veterans, we can provide seasoned advice and oversight to ensure your in-house staff functions properly and is making the proper decisions.

We can help your in-house IT staff tackle large and small scale projects freeing their time to catch up on other work or complete networking projects more quickly. Through simpleIT®, we can provide 24/7 monitoring and grant your company’s network technicians access to our monitoring system empowering them to work smarter.

Service Continuity

If your in-house technician leaves, where does that leave your business? Consulting with simpleroute® can ensure a smooth transition when your in-house IT person leaves. We can work with internal IT staff to ensure proper network documentation, configuration and service such that the loss of your internal resource does not mean the loss of your business IT knowledge.

Synergistic Solutions

Our approach is to work with internal staff, not against them. We can provide access to many of the tools we use across your network enabling your internal staff member to smoothly transition issues to our technicians. Valuable monitoring data can be shared with your internal staff. Our solutions enable your internal resource to be more efficient both in their daily tasks and in interfacing with us as their external IT resource.

Cost Effective Solutions

With low service rates, unique solutions and an unbeatable desire to boost your technology utilization, we are available when you need us. Through our web services, we strive to keep networking costs low with alternative cloud-based technologies which can provide many of the functions traditionally housed in-house with money saving advantages of the cloud.
Ask how we can complement your internal IT staff